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#MEV & Merge

MEV is a term refereed to bundling the transactions in one particular order to extract (mostly) arbitrage opportunities on the DAPPs and DEXes.

And the ones who gets to include these execution payloads (miners in pre-merge world, validators in post-merge) in the canonical chain get paid a per-block reward which essentially should be higher than the normal payload inclusion reward (including transactions tips).

Currently these happen with miners running forked versions of their favorite execution client, integrating with these “builders” but in the post-merge world they get a more native and standard integration with the CL.

This is what we in CL land refer to as Builder Api.

key value
Relay Pubkey
Bellatrix fork version 0x02000000
Genesis fork version 0x00000000
Genesis validators root 0x4b363db94e286120d76eb905340fdd4e54bfe9f06bf33ff6cf5ad27f511bfe95
Builder signing domain 0x00000001f5a5fd42d16a20302798ef6ed309979b43003d2320d9f0e8ea9831a9
Beacon proposer signing domain 0x000000004a26c58b08add8089b75caa540848881a8d4f0af0be83417a85c0f45

We offer both mainnet and testnet methods

network json_rpc enr_rpc
homestead mainnet-relay.securerpc.com/ 0x98650451ba02064f7b000f5768cf0cf4d[email protected]mainnet-relay.securerpc.com/
goerli goerli-relay.securerpc.com/ 0x8a72a5ec3e2909fff931c8b42c9e0e6c6[email protected]goerli-relay.securerpc.com/

#Status Mainnet


#Status Goerli


#RPC Basics


https://staging:[email protected]/goerli/relay/

#Homestead Validators

How mainnet validators can join our relay

https://0x98650451ba02064f7b000f5768cf0cf4d[email protected]mainnet-relay.securerpc.com/

#Testnet Validators

How validators can join our relay on Goerli

https://0x8a72a5ec3e2909fff931c8b42c9e0e6c6[email protected]goerli.securerpc.com

#API Endpoints

api.securerpc.com. 1 IN A
api.securerpc.com. 1 IN A
api.securerpc.com. 1 IN A
api.securerpc.com. 1 IN A
api.securerpc.com. 1 IN A
api.securerpc.com. 1 IN A
api.securerpc.com. 1 IN A


Steps to report issues: Just follow the steps below; otherwise, send a support ticket: github.com/manifoldfinance/support

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